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China Top Reflective Fabric Material Manufacturer

China Top Reflective Fabric Material Manufacturer

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[概述]YSM professional reflective fabric material manufacturer and reflective fabric tape manufacturer for a range of reflectiveand photo luminescent material.

China Top Reflective Fabric Material Manufacturer

[概述]YSM professional reflective fabric material manufacturer and reflective fabric tape manufacturer for a range of reflectiveand photo luminescent material.

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  • Time of issue:2024-01-11
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YESHIMING REFLECTIVE MATERIAL CO LTD s widely known as YSM. which was established in990's, located in JinJiang city Fuian province, is a professional reflective fabric material manufacturer for a range of reflectiveand photo luminescent material.YSM is ISO9001 certified for design,development,production and the servicing of the reflectivematerial. Our products are being used in a wide range of industries and specialized fields, such assafety apparel, shoes, bags, gloves, sport and fashion garments, other safety equipment used in dimlight conditions and emergency rescue team apparel.


Personal Protective Equipment


YSM is an excellent reflective fabric tapes manufacturer, producing high-quality flame retardant reflective tapes, reflective heat transfer tapes and high silver reflective fabrics, etc.


Flame retardant reflectance up to EN20471 Class 2
lt is sew into the same flame-retardantfabric, in order to reduce the human bodydue to the burning of clothing caused bysecond-degree burns or burns, its uniquereflective, flame-retardant dualperformance enhances the safety protection of thehuman body. Flame retardant reflectivecloth is widely used in open flame oremitting cremation or in the vicinity of molten metaloperation and in the presence ofcombustible substances and fire hazardsof the protective clothing worn by staff.



T/C reflective fabric is polyester-cotton reflective fabric. It has good softness and abrasion resistance in both dry and wet conditions, with advantages of stable size, low shrinkage, and has the characteristics of less reflective fading in multi washing, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick-drying. The effect of this reflective fabric is good for shirts. T/C retro-reflective tapes are made of polyester and cotton, sewed on the reflective fabric, contain grey and silver colors in wholesale, are mainly used for personal protective equipment.  ISO6330 certificated is available. If you want to have customized the backing material, we also have the ability to provide you OEM service in big production.


T/C reflective fabric manufacturer


Reflective heat transfer tape is perfect for apparel for construction workers, runners, cyclists, or children that need to be seen in low light conditions. Reflective HTV vinyl tape can be made as iron-on reflective vinyl, suitable for logo design, lettering, graphic design on the bag, shoes, T-shirt, pants, etc, with features of both fashion and reflective.

YSM Reflective heat transfer vinyl film is made for graphic designs, can be print & process as various patterns, such animals, logo and stripe pattern, which can be transferred onto PU coating fabric, PVC coating fabric, stretch fabric, elastic band, non-stretchable fabric, etc. via the heat transfer technology. So the reflective heat transfer vinyl has wide application in daily life, can be transferred on the cloth, shoes, processed as safety vest, reflective shirts and reflective clothing.


reflective heat transfer tape manufacturer


Heat Transfer Material


Heat transfer technology is a process that transfers patterns or text to the surface of a specific material through heat pressing. Reflective thermal transfer technology transfers materials with reflective properties to the surface of other materials through thermal transfer technology to achieve the purpose of improving visibility and warning effects. YSM reflective heat transfer vinyl usually consists of a reflective layer and a heat transferable film layer covering it. When subjected to heat and pressure, the thermally transferable film layer combines with the target material, while the reflective layer remains relatively intact, creating a reflective effect.

Reflective heat transfer films are usually used in safety protective clothing, such as transportation, construction, mining and other industries, and are also used in patterns and logo designs for fashion clothing. Reflective heat transfer film can provide long-lasting reflective effects for clothing and improve user safety.


heat transfer material manufacturer


Photoluminescent Film


YSM Luminous (glow in the dark) film with natural rare earth as the main component through a varietyof materials composite film, the use of rare earth natural light absorption and luminescenceprinciple, environmental protection, no radiation, with long-term luminous storage performancedivided into PET/PVC/ acrylic three materials, according to different materials supportenaraving/inkiet/screen printing /UV printing/digital printing processing, used in: fire warningsigns, Marine lMO siqns, decorative wall stickers, mobile phone cases and other fields.


  Photoluminescent Film manufacturer


Our Competitive Advantage

·Easily cuttable and shape, easy to print on it
·Excellent weather, acid, heat resistance
·Fast charging and long luminescent
·Competitive cost in dealing and maintenance


1.We provide customized service for reflective fabric, hologramlogo at front side, also printing logo at back side.Due to there haskinds of quality product in the market, make the logo to promotethe brand and anti-counterfeit labels,meanwhile guarantee theproduct quality.

2.0EM service is available.What support can we give our customers?
·Provide test report copy with customer's company name
·Sign cooperation agreement
·Rebate based on sales
·Hot selling products are guaranteed to be in stock in our warehouse
·Share the cost of developing customers,such as exhibition

3.Why choose us to be business partner?
·We are the manufacturer with more 25 years production and export experience

·Our product is eco-friendly and complied with certificate such as Oeko Tex 100EN20471,ANSI/ISEA 107-2020,NFPA2112 and UL

·Fast supply capacity, because we have the stock

·High quality after-sales service to solve after-sales problems promplty and quickly


reflective fabric material manufacturerreflective fabric material factoryreflective fabric material manufacturer partner

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